Elevate yourself with beautiful music and world-class styling

Looking for a great pair of convenient, waterproof headphones?

If you’re listening to on-the-go music, exercising at the gym, travelling for a business trip or kicking back home, STUDIO43 could be the perfect pair for you! With some impressive features, these innovative new Headphones certified by top DJ’s around the world will blow you away.


Best value for dollars, definitely wins.
Cost is a major influence here as many items may be overly pricey in this category, but STUDIO43 gives you an outstanding option that has the major brands’ look and tone.

Bluetooth headphones don’t have to come at a steep price anymore, now you can get over-ear headphones with no wires that look like the part, and the bank won’t be broken.

Elevate yourself with beautiful music and world-class styling

Studio 43 is today’s “no compromise headphone.” showcasing a featherweight on-ear ergonomic layout outfitted for convenience and prolonged use in all premium leather. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, this model displays an interactive voice functionality which enables you to remain engaged and hands-free. Optimized speakers for sound insulation will keep inside what you want to hear, and all other distractions outside.

Tested by top DJs, and used

STUDIO43 was tested and used by top DJ’s and they love it absolutely. The soft-touch cushions sound as good as they appear, and are super-bendable so you can almost straighten them out without damaging them.

The ear cups are plush, and rest nicely for a long time, while the headband padding is cushiony for a comfortable head fit.

The STUDIO43 headphones weigh 7.5 ounces and are soft and surprisingly easy to bring around. You are not going to feel lazy from putting them around your face.

“Super pleasant and amazing” is what the majority of pros claim about these highly common wireless headphones.

Intuitive Controls-These guys were thinking about everything

The multifunctional features of the STUDIO43 steal the spotlights. A basic three-button scheme combines several commands. Each is capable of performing multiple tasks, and is programmed to simplify the operation learning curve.

Control of voice, as well! Extremely easy for addressing single yes or no calls.

  • Powerfull, balanced sound.

  • Every day comfort and style.

  • Battery life up to 16 hours.

  • Powerup when you need extra juice.

  • Stay in the zone with voice control.

  • Used by top DJs.

  • Strong and Durable and Super-bendable.


A magnificent look that will turn heads anywhere you go

Style and Comfort praised by the Pros.
The soft-touch cushions feel as premium as it looks, the padding on the headband is cushiony for a comfortable fit on the head. You won’t feel fatigued wearing them around your neck.

You wouldn’t believe that!

30 Day pay back policy
They provide a 30-day money refund guarantee with 100 per cent service. If for whatever cause you might not have a good experience, they’ll do WHATEVER it costs to achieve a guarantee ensuring you ‘re 100 per cent pleased with your order.

Rare Offer STUDiO43

STUDIO43 is carrying out a really special campaign.

STUDIO43 already attracts immense popularity, grab one while in stock and be fast for this offer does not last long.

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